Trinity Farm Café Fire

We are devasted that in the early hours of Tuesday 14th of November morning, our beautiful café has been devasted by fire. As many of you know many months of hard work and long days by everyone at Trinity Farm had gone into getting our lovely café up and running for the local community and things were starting to take off. To have it all taken away by a fire we are truly heartbroken. Insurance will not pay for everything, and these processes also take time. We had just started planning our Christmas activities for the local children and were excited for what was to come. We are reaching out to you, our local community and all of our lovely customers to ask if you are able to help us raise vital funds to get our café back up and running. Trinity Farm is a lifestyle, we exist to educate and provide healthy organic & biodynamic food for our customers. We are a small company and these losses are crippling to our business, so we need help. Can you please help us? We thank you so much in advance. We have set up a go fund me page below if you are able to help us.
Please contact us if you can offer any other help.