At Trinity Farm, we are a mixture of old and new. The farm was set up 33 years ago by a husband-and-wife team, Lew and Cheryl, with the intention of both providing a better life for their sons while growing a environmentally minded community, in this they have supported local schools and charity initiatives, and have trained people from all over the world in organic and biodynamic farming methods. We have some fantastic staff that help us run our farm, shop & café. We have a wealth of knowledge and we are always happy to chat with you.

Dedicated to growing wholesome, nutrient-rich, produce, our commitment to organic farming ensures that we do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides in our farming practices. We take pride in our hands on approach to farming tending each plant with love and care. In addition to our produce we also offer educational tours and workshops for visitors from all over the world who would like to learn about the essence and nature of farming organically.

Trinity farm Nottingham is a welcoming and inclusive community in itself not to mention the lovely locals in the area helping this community grow and thrive. We believe in the power of regenerative agriculture to nourish both the land and the people who rely on it, we are very passionate about sharing this message so come and join us at Trinity Farm Nottingham.